Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Aren't Raccoons Cute?

They photograph well but there is nothing cute about having them visit your campsite.

They are nicknamed the Forrest Bandits for a reason. They are very clever thieves.

They are always on the look-out for food and typically at night, so...

1. Don't leave food or food containers out at night. Put ice chest inside the trailer or back in your car. Yes, they can open an ice chest.

2. Don't leave your trash can or trash bag outside at night when camping. Empty it before going to bed.

3. If you feed birds like we do when we camp just be prepared to share the birds seed with the raccoons. Just be sure that feeders are all you leave out.

We were camping at Guadalupe River State Park and each night we would hear raccoons. One night we thought someone was outside the trailer trying to steal our bikes but when we looked outside it was raccoons climbing around. Another night they pulled our huge heavy ice chest out from underneath our trailer.

They are strong but easily scared off with a shout and some light being shown on them.

Never approach one - like any girl I know would- ha!

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