Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Camping & Critters-What's a girl to do?

I took this picture last week - it's a lovely Texas size fly that inhabits the county park at Arroyo City, Texas. Nice, right!?!?

Here's how I deal with mosquitoes and flies inside the trailer:

Insects will always try to follow you into your trailer and some will succeed no matter how many times you yell "shut the door before the flies come in!" Usually folks grab a flyswatter and smack the insect then grab a tissue to carry the little carcase off to the trash.

TIP 1: I don't even own a flyswatter. I use windex - I especially like the antibacterial type. It usually takes 2 squirts. One to stop'em and the 2nd spray to ensure its demise. Then I take a tissue and clean up the bug and it cleans the surface at the same time.

TIP 2: You don't want to waste time and spray chasing a fly all around your trailer. Here is my foolproof way to have the it land where YOU want it to. Open the curtains on only one window and eventually the fly will land on that window and you can spray him twice and its over! They like landing on windows with light.


Here's how I deal with mosquitoes and flies outside the trailer/tent:

For the first time in years I don't mind using insect repellent. I use Off's non-oily spray or I use the OFF brand repellent moist towelettes. I love these products. I don't feel sticky or greasy when I use them and they don't smell bad either.

Most of the time mosquitoes aren't bad except early in the morning or in the evening unless you are like us hiking in overgrown habitat chasing a bird!

Keeping a fire going is what some campers say keeps insects at bay.

There are yard sprays but I would never use them at campground. Its not your property so I wouldn't recommend spraying around your campsite without asking the park rangers for permission. Even if they said yes please remember what you are spraying is going to kill all bugs - good and bad. You can forget your kids chasing lightening bugs!




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